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Gus Sacks
Release Date:
September 14, 2018
Gus Sacks is a talented Director of Photography out in Hollywood.
Gus came to us with a challenge in mind, which he had not seen met by any other website for a DP/Director/Cinematographer or other reel-showcase website, anywhere.
A student of the digital medium, Gus understood that friction reduces conversion; and in the case of a visual reel website, scrolling creates friction!
Our task was set to develop a custom solution whereby scrolling what strictly forbidden. The only challenge was to eschew scrolling, while displaying 4 separate collections of videos plus the amalgom collection of 12 videos. After all, directors and producers want to see a DP's breadth of work as they evaluate whether s/he would be right for the job.
The solution we collaboratively arrived at is the beautifully simple landing page you see here. Gus's fully custom website incorporates a conditional filtering system that manages the appearance of the various collections of videos, intuitively.
When the user clicks on a video, another  beautifuly simple navigation screen pops up that handles single-video projects, multi-video projects, and stills-collection projects with grace, and you guessed it--no scrolling.
In order to enjoy the fruits of this approach, the user doesn't need to think about the content management system that Gus makes use of to constantly upload curate his content, the detailed dynamic animation behavior, the latticeworks of conditionally filtered elements, or even what the rules of engagement are with such a customized display system.
Just visit the site, and you know what to do immediately. That's the power of our UX First approach!
Every project has different goals, different users, different brand identity, and a different budget. But hopefully Gus's example illustrates for you why it is such a good idea to aim high, understand your options, and achieve a customized solution that suits your ambitions perfectly--even if you don't know one exists yet. We're here to make that happen for you.
Check out Gus's live website, and get in touch with him if you are looking for a terriffic LA-area DP!

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